November 23, 2021

Ted Koppel: ‘It’s a Disgrace’ We Aren’t Doing More to Treat COPD in the U.S.

Share on PinterestMore than 20 years after her COPD diagnosis, Grace Anne Dorney Koppel and her husband, broadcast journalist Ted Koppel (pictured above), are still fighting […]
November 23, 2021

Second Case of Monkeypox Reported in the US: What to Know

Share on PinterestMonkeypox is a rare but serious disease that stems from the same family of viruses as smallpox. SDI Productions/Getty Images Monkeypox is a rare […]
November 21, 2021

FDA Approves a New Virtual Reality Device to Help Ease Chronic Pain

Share on PinterestExperts say a new virtual reality device can help people understand and ease their chronic pain. David Espejo/Getty Images It’s estimated that chronic pain […]
November 20, 2021

How Psychedelic Drugs Are Helping Veterans and Others with PTSD, Depression

Share on PinterestExperts say that psychedelic drugs, along with psychotherapy, can help treat PTSD as well as depression. People Images/Getty Images More veterans are turning to […]
November 20, 2021

Spicing Up Your Meals Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure: Some Tasty Ways to Do It

Share on PinterestUsing spices in your food can help lower the amount of salt and sugar you consume. Cavan Images/Getty Images High blood pressure can increase […]
November 20, 2021

12-Year-Olds Consume Over 8 Hours of Media Per Day: What Parents Can Do

Share on PinterestNew research finds that children consume an average of more than 8 hours of screen time per day by the time they reach 12 […]
November 20, 2021

COVID-19 Updates: OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Biden Vaccine Mandate

More than 5.1 million people globally have died from COVID-19. More than half of U.S. adults are now fully vaccinated. COVID-19 booster shots are now available […]
November 20, 2021

FDA Gives OK for Fully Vaccinated Adults to Get COVID-19 Boosters

The FDA expanded authorization for mRNA boosters to include all adults who have completed their primary series of any COVID-19 vaccine approved in the U.S. The […]
November 19, 2021

Lung Cancer Survival Rate Improves but Still Lower Among Communities of Color

Share on PinterestA woman in her seventies with stage 4 lung cancer gets help taking her medication from her granddaughter. Justin Paget/Getty Images More than 230,000 […]
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