January 14, 2021

Why Heart Disease Deaths Rose During COVID-19 Surge

Share on PinterestGetting regular check ups is important even during a pandemic. Justin Paget/Getty Images As COVID-19 cases rose, fewer people were being diagnosed with cardiovascular […]
January 14, 2021

CDC Now Says Everyone Over 65 Should Get Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

With the coronavirus vaccine rollout dragging, the federal government is recommending several changes to help get more Americans vaccinated quickly. The federal government is urging states […]
January 14, 2021

U.S. No Longer Keeping Reserve COVID-19 Vaccine for Boosters: What Experts Think

Share on PinterestMore COVID-19 vaccines may soon be released to states. Boston Globe/Getty Images Both the Biden and Trump administrations plan to release more COVID-19 vaccine […]
January 13, 2021

What Pediatricians Say Schools Need to Do to Open Safely Under COVID-19

Share on PinterestExperts say children need to return to the classroom as soon as safely possible. Rich Legg/Getty Images The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says […]
January 13, 2021

U.K. OKs Delaying COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Despite Lack of Evidence

Share on PinterestUK officials are allowing single doses of COVID-19 vaccines. SOPA Images/Getty Images In the United Kingdom, a lack of COVID-19 vaccine doses has led […]
January 13, 2021

There’s No Limit to the Cardiovascular Benefits of Exercise

Share on PinterestExperts say even low level exercises done at different times during the day can benefit your heart health. Attila Csaszar/Getty Images Researchers say any […]
January 13, 2021

Don’t Give Up: 9 Ways to Reinvent Your 2021 Diet, Fitness Resolutions

Share on PinterestFeel like you’re already failing at your New Year’s fitness resolution? Making some simple adjustments can help you reach your goal. Guido Mieth/Getty Images […]
January 13, 2021

Pfizer Vaccine Likely to Work Against New Coronavirus Variants

Share on PinterestCOVID-19 vaccinations are on the rise in the U.S. Joseph Prezioso/Getty Images A new study finds that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is likely effective […]
January 12, 2021

How to Try to Recover if You Have Long-Haul COVID-19 Symptoms

Share on PinterestExperts say adequate sleep and exercise are probably the best things someone with long-term COVID-19 symptoms can do. Filippo Bacci/Getty Images Medical professionals are […]
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