December 15, 2021

Pfizer Says COVID-19 Treatment Paxlovid 89% Effective at Preventing Hospitalization

Pfizer released new data on their COVID-19 pill. The pharmaceutical company said it reduced risk of hospitalization or death for people with COVID-19. Researchers also said […]
December 15, 2021

How Access to Gender-Affirming Care Can Greatly Boost Mental Health of Trans Teens

Share on PinterestFor transgender and nonbinary youth, having access to gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) when they want it can greatly impact their odds of depression and […]
December 14, 2021

Early Signs of Dementia May Be Noticeable in At-Home Written Test

Share on PinterestAn online test you can take from home may be able to detect early signs of dementia. Maskot/Getty Images Dementia affects about 5 million […]
December 14, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Latest on Boosters, Antibodies, and Omicron-Targeted Shots

Share on PinterestBooster shot effectiveness and mixing different types of vaccines are among the new developments in the COVID-19 pandemic. Jon Cherry/Getty Images There’s an array […]
December 14, 2021

Obamacare 2022: Enrollment Is Up, Insurance Premiums Are Down

Share on PinterestConsumers have until Jan. 15 to enroll in Obamacare health insurance plans for 2022. The Good Brigade/Getty Images The enrollment period for Affordable Care […]
December 14, 2021

COVID-19 Updates: U.S. COVID-19 Deaths to Reach 800,000 Soon

More than 5 million people globally have died from COVID-19. More than half of U.S. adults are fully vaccinated. COVID-19 booster shots are now available for […]
December 14, 2021

Why Gen Z Has Been Hit Hard by Pandemic Stress

Share on PinterestNew research suggests that U.S. youth between the ages of 13 and 24 (also known as Generation Z) are being affected by pandemic stress […]
December 14, 2021

How the Pandemic Made the Mental Health Crisis Worse for Teens

Depressive and anxiety symptoms in youth doubled during the pandemic, with 25 percent experiencing depressive symptoms and 20 percent experiencing anxiety symptoms. Symptoms of depression had […]
December 12, 2021

What’s Your ‘Holiday Personality’ Type? Here’s How to Find Out

Share on PinterestHow the holidays affect you can depend greatly on your “holiday personality” type. Getty Images Americans are 5 times more likely to say their […]
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