Our Company

Officially Medsearch UK Limited was established in 2013 to provide an expert medical scientific service that meets the expectations of clients in finding them solutions to bring new medicines to market and patients' access to these treatments.

Our consultants are strategically aligned to different areas of clinical and pharmaceutical medicine, to be able to support activities ranging from medical affairs to clinical research and pharmacovigilance to digital health solutions. This means that pharmaceutical companies can be assured they are working with consultants that are professionals with clear understanding of the field and are able to provide guidance based on expert knowledge.

We provide medical/scientific and digital health support to different sectors of pharmaceutical industry ranging from large pharmaceutical companies, CROs, SMOs and Biotechs and we work with patient organisations to bring new treatments to patients who are awaiting relief.

We listen to our clients' needs and connect them with the right experts to find tailored solutions so that all of us together can bring effective and safe treatments to our patients, for whom we are here to serve.


Our mission is very clear – we are here to develop effective medicines and to monitor safe practice of medicine by innovative approaches. We have joined up with health IT experts from Genextech to provide digital safety ring via our app to monitor patient side effects and to enhance the pace of new drug approvals with use of digital technology.


Our passion is to bring curative treatments to patients, despite that fact that this has remained a desire, for which health care professionals have never stopped the struggle to achieve this goal.

At the heart of our company this is the drive in every single employee that comes to work with us, we will keep fighting this battle in partnership with our patients, without their support, this challenge would remain an elusive desire.