Connecting the dots Trial to Real World

Real World Platform

Ever consider the difference of trials from conventional to real world trial solution.
At the heart of the real world solution lies the patient and engagement with their participation as partners in development
Data gaps are expected however a hybrid view needs to be considered as we move from conventional to a real world approach
A Medsearch RW Solution – brings our understanding of the Trial to Real Patient participation and engagement with Simplicity and familiarity
A true real world solution requires connecting with patients early and engaging through the trial and supporting patients by keeping them informed in their journey


One Research

Real world trials platform – Real Patient Trial on Path to Health
Disease registries – InSight – Road to discovery
Post-authorisation safety studies – Tease the truth
Observational studies – Know Patterns of health
Health surveys – Focus on the facts
Patient feasibility studies – Discover the facts
Geographical health maps – Birds Eye View


True Patient centricity

App development with patient in mind

Ease of patient access

multi device access (mobile/web/note book)

Enhanced Care

Continuity of enhanced care –trial & beyond

Patient Access

Compliant patient access, pre-screen near eligible patients

Validity of Data

Validity of data integration with e-health systems

Real-time Engagement

Real-time engagement of participant, avoid street light effect on data

Active safety

Active safety surveillance with patient reporting



e – Consent

digital signature which may aid the consenting process


e-screening is the ability to screen patients electronically
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e- scheduler

online appointment scheduling system
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Medication Listing

include information about how to take the medication
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Health conditions

modern communication technologies to meet needs of patients
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Control tracker

control tracker is an application control activities within a unit
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symptom tracker

use the symptom tracker to find out what’s causing your symptom

e – notification

electronic notification received by e-mail, phone or text message
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allows the user to browse their appointments, and mark appointments
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e – alerts

e-Alert to notify information about upcoming solicitations
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online exchange of medical information between a patient and a physician

Over 1000+ patients trust us

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Ever changing world with emerging pandemic requires better e-tools to meet the health challenges and public participation

Need of safety surveillance not restricted to small populations

Health surveillance for drug development and public health challenges needs Health-e-One multi-device platform

Responding to threats with timely access to credible medical instructions

Arming patients with appropriate health knowledge may save lives