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Health News

In order to provide a comprehensive resource of latest health information from a single app, our approach is to collate the latest news from a variety of reliable sources such as FDA, CDC, Clinical Trials.Gov, Medscape, Healthline and many more to be added, so that you as our member would not need to spend your precious time in searching for health news.
We consider our MS app users will benefit from receiving the latest health news and professional insights to allow them to be better informed. MS app provides access to information on general health topics, as well as tailored news if required that are of interest to individuals based on their medicines and health conditions

Drugs Search

A comprehensive and powerful medicine search tool is at your fingertips, with MS app, you are never short of information related to all the FDA approved medicines available and marketed in US. You have access to information related to what these medicines are used for, their dosages and their side effects. The safe use of your medicines will allow you to manage and monitor your health condition and use your medicine as intended by your prescriber.

Medical Conditions

We have added an option for you to keep a record of your medical conditions in one place in case you need to discuss with your health care providers and search relevant news and updates, find clinical trials and know more information about these conditions from multiple sources such as reliable medical sites.

Drugs Interaction

For patients to be able to better manage their health on multiple medicines, it is good to know whether any of your medicines are affecting others that you have been prescribed, this can be easily done by adding two medicines in the interaction tool. We have also provided a smart drug-drug interaction checker, that will allow you to check all of the interactions to your medicines by a single click of a button without the need to add your medicines repeatedly, that is digital ease of MS app – However you need to have a list of your medicines added to your profile to be able to use the smart function.


MS app has another smart feature in development, where you will be able to identify which of your medicines is likely known to have a particular side effect, just in an unlikely situation if you were to experience it. This smart tool will allow the search of symptoms to check in your prescribed medicine listing whether one of the side effects is noted in your medicine that you have experienced. Allowing you to discuss with your health care prescriber to suggest steps to minimise the side effects or consider alternatives.


MS app & you together can keep a track of your family’s health and related information, so that you would be able to decide knowing available treatment options with your care providers. MedList function is based on keeping a list of your medicines for each individual patient profile and health conditions. This will allow ready access to information on medicine details by simple click of a button, without searching for it and best of all this medicine related information is always up-to-date since it is extracted live from FDA drug database.

MS app is dynamic and adapts to your requirements. So we are constantly working to make improvements based on your feedback ... so actually practicing true patient centricity!

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