Narrator: Unused prescription opioid pain medicines can spell many things. RISK, if they’re taken by someone they weren’t prescribed for. HARM, if accidentally taken by a child or a pet. And OVERDOSE if they’re not used as directed. They may be hiding in your home. In bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere. Why put your family at risk? Safely dispose of opioids before they can do harm. The best thing is to find a drug take-back option, such as medicine drop-off boxes, mail back programs, or home disposal products. If there isn’t a take-back location near you, check the FDA’s Flush List. Medicines on the flush list may be especially dangerous if they are used by children, pets, or others in your home. No take-back location nearby, and your medicine isn’t on the Flush List? You can dispose of it in the trash. Get more information on safe opioid disposal. And Remove the Risk!

This is a transcript of a video appearing on the Safe Opioid Disposal – Remove the Risk Outreach Toolkit page.