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Neem; an effective remedy for skin disorders

Neem; an effective remedy for skin disorders

Neem; an effective remedy for skin disorders

Neem; an effective remedy for skin disorders

Skin diseases (Dermatological disorders) are becoming a major common health concern now a days. These skin issues may occur due to environmental irritants, allergies, genetic tendencies, immune system issues, and some other disease conditions etc.

These skin conditions may range from mild itching, dermatitis (redness due to skin irritation or inflammation), allergies, acne and even fatal skin diseases.

Herbal formulations and natural remedies are quite effective in managing and preventing different skin conditions. Among herbal remedies, benefits of ‘Neem’ for skin issues are well acknowledged through centuries.

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) is a popular medicinal plant which is known for its health promoting effects particularly for dermatological issues since ancient times in Indian subcontinent heritage. Neem tree products have been commonly used as traditional medicine for managing skin ailments; it has also been employed for the prevention and treatment of numerous systemic diseases. Neem trees are widely distributed in areas of several tropical and sub-tropical countries.

Scientific studies have validated the traditional claims of neem’s medicinal effects. However, extensive research and human trials are still required to explore both the traditional uses and safety profile of neem. Dabur Organic Neem Oil -Extracted From Neem Tree 100% COLD PRESSED For Itchy Scalps & Hair Fall

The health benefits of neem are attributed to the presence of more than 300 structurally diverse and complex bioactive compounds such as; isoprenoids and non-isoprenoids. It is a rich source of phytochemicals known as limonoids which are responsible for the bitter taste of neem; mature seed kernels contain the highest limonoid content.

The pharmacological actions of neem may include;

  • Anti-inflammatory potential i.e. it helps regulate the inflammatory reaction of the body which occurs in response to injury and thus likely to help in wound healing.
  • Antioxidant potential; antioxidants are compounds that neutralize highly reactive molecules produced in the body during metabolic processes. These reactive molecules are capable of damaging the body tissues; therefore the neem bioactive compounds may prevent oxidative injury.
  • Anti-microbial activity, which means that compounds present in neem products have the potential to help prevent and fight infections caused by disease causing microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi and parasites etc, however at present scientific work is pending.
  • it also has immunomodulatory potential i.e. it is proposed to regulate immune system to fight against disease causing organisms and promotes wound healing.

Potential uses of neem products in dermatology or skin conditions

Neem may be beneficial in dealing with sun burn or ultra-violet rays damage to skin and it is also a potent insect repellent. The bioactive compounds present in neem may help in effectively managing skin infections as they are potent anti-fungals which means they are effective in controlling fungal infections of skin; they also have anti-viral and antibacterial activity i.e they can kill virus and bacteria and may prevent bacterial and viral infections of skin. Neem leaf extract have demonstrated inhibitory effects on biofilms of some antibiotic resistant bacterial species.

Moreover, neem has the potential to be developed as an effective therapy for the management of different skin disorders; various novel formulations of neem based products with improved permeability across skin are indeed available.


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