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Why should we be more engaged in Health Research?

COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us one very important lesson, that “Health is wealth”. It is the basic security that we require for a normal life. This raises a very important question, are we prepared to come together when it comes to matters of health.

One of the most important question we need to ask ourselves is that, what we are doing to help prepare for any future health risks and how can we protect people around us? The proof is overwhelming, that when health of one area is affected by a communicable disease, it can grip the entire world, if the spread is via air transmission. 

We are a global village, which has helped the progress of humans both in technological and material advancement. Due to ease of travel, we have seen greater connectivity across the globe however this has risks associated for the spread of communicable diseases. Simultaneously we have made considerable technological advantages in digital connectivity. The coming together of health care research and digital technologies, has played a key role in not only provision of health services but also for the continuity of health research.

Health care research has played a critical role in the development of vaccines and other life-saving treatments. It would not have been possible to develop new medicines and treatments without the critical role played by public participation, and the collaborative approach by various pharmaceuticals and biotech companies supported by digital health companies, governments and patient organisations. Role of pharmaceuticals has never been appreciated as in the current pandemic. We as a community need to be engaged with health care research if we are to assure health security for ourselves and future generations.

To help fight this pandemic and any future risks to health, all of us have to play our part in contributing to health research activities. This does not mean that all of us need to be taking part in clinical trials, we can do this by simply registering and contributing to different non-treatment based health care research studies that helps in building better understanding of disease itself. These days taking part in health research is easy and can be done from the comfort of your home using digital health systems. This will help research organisations to develop new medicines, improve our understanding of disease conditions and help bring life changing medicines sooner.

All data that is shared by individuals is regulated by privacy laws Regulations that exist across different countries such as GDPR across Europe, and HIPAA in USA. These laws protect individual rights to health data and its use for health research in a considered manner.

Your informed consent is critical in health research. Without proper understanding of the risks and benefits you may encounter in health research, your participation will not be considered to be valid, as governed by a Good clinical practice (GCP). Sharing of health data for research purpose goes a long way in building the understanding of factors that affect health and the value of different treatments.

How can I contribute?

Medsearch Limited, is one of the digital health companies, based in UK and is working to connect patients with health care researchers and scientists engaged in development of new medicines and treatments this is now possible for you by visiting Here you can find out all the key information about the research being performed, and to register with the site nearest to your residence.

What benefit will I get?

By joining and participating in health research, you are contributing towards health security for all of your fellow human beings including yourself and your loved ones. Some of the research studies compensate study participants with cost re-imbursement for their time and travel, or their contribution to filling in questionnaires.

We bring latest health information that matters to you via our website, where we have developed a digital health blog for members of the public to benefit from latest medical literature translated by health care professionals in a simple language to allow understanding of the benefits and risks related to health, and a section for contribution by patients for them to share their stories, so that other patients and individuals may benefit.

We have also developed a digital health app, available in Google play and App Store as MedSearch App, that has smart features for patients to manage their health conditions using various tools such as smart medicine search on latest information on their medicines they are taking, other features include e-scheduler to take their medicines on time and to keep a record of taken versus not taken, preventing overdosing. This app also provides latest health information in real time from credible health news sources in a single place, saving you time in searching for important health news.

Our commitment is to our subscribers and patients who by using our digital health tools available from the website and through the mobile phone app, will not only benefit from the services we provide to them, but have the opportunity to play an important civic duty towards contributing towards health care research and security for all of the fellow human beings. Please share this work, and help grow this community so that we may succeed in our endeavours for delivering life changing medicines sooner.


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