July 4, 2024

CDER Initiatives

NDRP Modernization the New Drugs Regulatory Program (NDRP) modernization effort allows CDER support staff in protecting and promoting health by ensuring drugs are safe, effective, and […]
July 3, 2024

Drug Name Review

HOST: Captain Mary Kremzner, U.S. Public Health ServicePHARMACIST #1: Commander Jaewon Hong, U.S. Public Health ServicePHARMACIST #2: Lieutenant Commander Beth Carr, U.S. Public Health Service CAPT […]
July 3, 2024

Drug Promotion

HOST: Mary KremznerPHARMACIST #1: Beth CarrPHARMACIST #2:  Jaewon Hong MARY: The Food and Drug Administration reviews advertising and promotional labels for prescription drugs to make sure […]
July 3, 2024

Electronic Orange Book

HOST: Captain Mary Kremzner   PHARMACIST: Lieutenant Lindsay Davison Captain Kremzner: The Orange Book has long been a reliable resource for information about FDA-approved drugs. The electronic […]
July 3, 2024

Disposal of Unused Medicines

CAPT Kremzner: What do you do with medications that have not been used or are out of date?  When they are no longer needed, it’s important to […]
July 3, 2024

NDC Directory (March 2015)

Host:  Captain Mary KremznerPharmacist:  Henry Yu, Pharm D. CAPT Kremzner:  The “NDC Directory” locates unique National Drug Codes for marketed products. It’s a quick, easy, online resource.Hi, I’m Captain […]
July 3, 2024

FAERS (April 2015)

HOST: Captain Mary KremznerPharmacist: Dr. Sonia Kim Captain Kremzner: The “FDA Adverse Event Reporting System” or FAERS is the database that houses reports submitted to FDA […]
July 3, 2024

Extortion Scam (September 2016)

Host: Captain Catherine ChewPharmacist #1: Dr. Sonia KimPharmacist #2: Lieutenant Zachary Oleszczuk CAPT Chew: We’ve all heard about online scams which put your personal information in harm’s way. Since 2008, […]
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