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April 28, 2020
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Symptoms of common conditions shared with COVID – 19 infection – avoid fear response by being better informed

Comparison of Symptoms between cold, fever and COVID-19 table on https://www.medsearchuk.com/corona/

So much has been shared in the electronic media relating to the symptoms of COVID-19 infection, that this has resulted in under diagnosis and treatment of common conditions that are generally present in the community. Furthermore these common conditions are likely to be misdiagnosed as COVID-19 infection, which in the absence of reliable testing, that is if it is accessible, is likely to cause un-necessary fear and ill-health compounded by inappropriate treatment.

Fever and cough are not only symptoms of COVID-19 infection these are also seen in common cold but fever of common cold is generally below 38.5๊“ณC, whereas cough without fever is present with seasonal allergy. Fever of COVID-19 is generally considered to be of high grade. A good comparative table is available on MedSearch COVID-19 page that serves as a guide to consider other common conditions prior to rushing to COVID-19 diagnosis – a sensible approach will not only prevent un-necessary fear response to the prevailing health concern but allow for appropriate treatment to be applied

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