February 21, 2023

Why Older People Shouldn’t Take Xanax or Other Benzodiazepines for Insomnia

Benzodiazepines such as Xanax can be prescribed as sleeping aids. Use of benzodiazepines in older adults is associated with increased risks of car accidents, falls and […]
February 21, 2023

Employee Health: How 4-Day Workweeks Can Improve Well-Being and Boost Productivity

Share on PinterestExperts say 4-day workweeks allow workers to have more family time. Willie B. Thomas/Getty Images Researchers say 4-day workweeks can improve employee health and […]
February 19, 2023

Nearsightedness in Children: How Eyedrops Can Help Minimize Myopia

Share on PinterestExperts say vision problems in young children can lead to more serious eye issues later in life. Science Photo Library/Getty Images Researchers say using […]
February 18, 2023

Afraid of Needles? VR Might Be Able to Help

Anxiety is often high among children undergoing needle-based procedures. New research reveals that virtual reality headsets may act as a distraction. When distracted, children reported significantly […]
February 18, 2023

President Joe Biden’s Physical Exam Shows Him in Good Health With a Few Minor Issues

Share on PinterestDoctors say President Joe Biden’s healthy diet and regular exercise have helped keep him in good physical shape. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images President Joe Biden’s […]
February 18, 2023

Seasonal Sleeping: Why We Need More Rest in the Winter

Share on PinterestExperts say adequate sleep is good for overall health. Jimena Roquero/Stocksy Researchers are reporting that humans need more sleep and more deep sleep in […]
February 18, 2023

Norovirus: Why Cases are on The Rise and How to Avoid It

The CDC is reporting that more people are coming down with norovirus in recent months. Each year it is estimated that the virus causes between 19 […]
February 18, 2023

Bruce Willis Has Frontotemporal Dementia: What are the Signs and Symptoms

Actor Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with a frontotemporal dementia. The dementia impacts executive functioning like language and motor skills. Willis’s family also published a statement […]
February 18, 2023

Senator John Fetterman Gets Treatment for Depression: What to Know

Senator John Fetterman has checked himself into a hospital for clinical depression, according to his staff. The senator, who won his seat in November, suffered a […]
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